An Ode to Rats

Cannot settle for just a cat
So has to have a fuzzy rat
Not enough to play with me
Need more rats - I need three

Three would leave one out the door
Need 2 pairs - so I got four
See them play in their aquarium
I wish I was them - so much fun

Four little rats all in caboodles
Cinderella, Ms.Rat, Lumpy and Noodles
No one could measure the food that they ate
I loved them so much they ate first rate!

Then on quiet and spooky night
The human woke with such a fright
A little rodent - poor Lumpy - hollered in pain
I'll never leave them alone with the cats again

My favorite one I brought to work
Pooping on my shoulder her only quirk
The other two sat home on and on they played
While Ms. Rat and I got nicely paid

The human moved and left the kitties
Her man's mother would've gotten sneezies
But tagging along came the rats
Up in her room they played and sats

Then one day Cinderella looked quite odd
The girl went to the vet feeling a clod
After that she knew it was no rumor
Poor little rodent - she has a tumor

This morning the girl awoke to feed them
Before her eyes all was mayhem
Cinderella - still eating - told me in gloom
Poor little Noodles - will also be meeting the tomb

Now the big question - what should she do?
What do her  iddy butty friends want her to?
They seem act like nothing's the matter
As their tumor filled tummies get fatter... and fatter

So I sit here at work and I try not to cry
Because I don't want my little friends to die
To add to this - such a disgrace
My evil hamster ate off her sister's face

The room is no longer a place of peace
Death is there and visiting each...
All I can do is grab on to my favorite one
And pray to the goddess we both see the sun..

  Written by Amber in tribute to dying rats