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Palapeli Icon Palapeli is a single-player jigsaw puzzle game by Stefan Majewsky for the KDE Interface for Unix-like operating systems. The puzzle pieces are freely moveable and everything you do is saved immediately. The puzzles are saved in a collection. It just has 5 puzzles to start with and then people are supposed to scour the web for some images and make own puzzles. Below you find some puzzles I collected over time. Palapeli is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2.

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Download Puzzles

For some reason there are no pre-made puzzles available online. So, I created a few collections. All of them are of 10 to 15 different puzzles. All puzzles are sliced as "Classic jigsaw pieces" into roughly between 100 and 300 puzzle pieces. For more infos about each used picture and a preview: scroll down… far down… ☺

© About Copyright:
I don’t know how all the rights stuff is to handle. Nearly all images are from wikicommons, own fotographs or taken by friends. So they *should* all be free to use — as far as I understand this… The collections are made privately and are intended for private use only. They are not included in the game as a commercial product or such stuff. As far as I know, the images could not even be extracted from the puzzle file. Anyway, if you don’t want your image to be included for some reason, email to yantri(a)yellowspace·net, and I will remove it. The person on the contact page of is NOT responsible for anything on this page, made by the web admin.



Click on the name to download, unpack it, and save it to a appropriate directory, e.g. ~/Games/Palapeli/. I guess on a standard installation it shoud be the following for “castles” (without guarantee):

gunzip ~/Downloads/castles.tgz
tar -xzf ~/Downloads/castles.tar
mkdir ~/Games/Palapeli
mv ~/Downloads/castles ~/Games/Palapeli/

Then, start your Palapeli Puzzle Game and click the “Import” button. Navigate to “Games/Palapeli/castles”. Click on an empty space and drag a selection square over all puzzles files. Then click “open” to get all the puzzles loaded into your collection at once — or simply hit enter?!☺

Have fun playing!

I don’t know what will happen, if you copy the .puzzle files directly into the “~/.kde/share/apps/palapeli/collection” directory, where your collection files are stored, but named a bit cryptic…

Puzzle files can also be played by simply clicking on them in the file manager of your choice, but after the import, the puzzle will appear in your local collection, and you can delete the downloaded puzzle file.



Description of the Puzzles

please refer to the included read me file as well





Châteaux, Burgen, Hrady, Castillos, Castele, Borge, Kastelen, Pilys
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  1. Château de Muiden
    Château de Muiden (Muiderslot vanuit de lucht, Noord-Holland, Nederland)
    by Sandermuts from
    ImageSize=900,534 PieceCount=290
  2. Château de Pesteils
    Château de Pesteils (near Polminhac, Auvergne, France)
    by Berrucomons from
    ImageSize=1024,664 PieceCount=180
  3. Château de Sainte-Mère
    Château de Sainte-Mère (in Gers, Midi-Pyrénées, France)
    by (posted to flickr) from
    ImageSize=1200,800 PieceCount=250
  4. Château de Trakaï en hiver
    Château de Trakaï en hiver (Lac Galvė, Lietuva)
    by anjči from London from
    ImageSize=1441,969 PieceCount=300
  5. Ruines du Château de Lesdiguières
    Ruines du Château de Lesdiguières (Château de Lesdiguières en réfection, Hautes Alpes, France)
    by Andre Alliot from
    ImageSize=1450,950 PieceCount=222
  6. Ruines of Gýmeš Castle
    Ruines of Gýmeš Castle (ranogotický donžon/gothic donjon, Jelenec, Slovensko/Slovakia)
    by Miroslav Svorc from
    ImageSize=1024,681 PieceCount=175
  7. Festung Hohensalzburg
    Festung Hohensalzburg (Fortress Hohensalzburg, Salzburg, Österreich/Austria)
    by Amelie Zantou, own work
    ImageSize=1024,700 PieceCount=150
  8. Fortress of Guaita
    Fortress of Guaita (Fortress La Guaita, La fortezza di Città di San Marino)
    by Max_Ryazanov from
    ImageSize=950,600 PieceCount=350
  9. Ruines du Château Boldogkő
    Ruines du Château Boldogkő (A Boldogkői vár romjai, Boldogkőváralja, Magyarország/Hongrie)
    by Szvitek Péter from
    ImageSize=1300,850 PieceCount=200
  10. Château Bourscheid
    Château Bourscheid (Ruines du château fort de Bourscheid/Buerg Buerschent, Luxembourg/Lëtzebuerg)
    by Junmi from
    ImageSize=970,594 PieceCount=270
  11. Trakai — île en été
    Trakai — île en été (Lac Galvė, Aukštaitija, Lietuva)
    by Reza1615 from
    ImageSize=988,668 PieceCount=330